It is very important that each bettor considers thinking in a particular way when composing their bets. Specialize in the sport you are betting on and take into account that not all sports are the same as football.

Betting on basketball is an opportunity for those who want to break away from the traditional. After all, this sport has a high number of fans around the world and brings together great options in terms of sports betting on the internet, either by computer or mobile phone.

Besides basketball, tennis and MMA are also among the most popular sports to bet on. And you can find out a bit more about each sport with our experts, who have gathered exclusive tips for your bets.

Statistics are allies in basketball

You can easily find basketball at bookmakers. After all, this is a popular sport with many punters. But the markets are a little different from those available in football, with the possibility to bet on the winner per quarter.

That is, in each quarter you will try to find out which team will end up with the most points. As there are 4 quarters, you can vary between teams, or focus on just one. And according to our experts, it is better to risk on the team that you think will win at the end of the game.

Besides knowing this market, you can also use statistics, such as average points per match, history between the two teams, among other information. But focus on recent results, because it is useless to take into account games that took place last century.

After all, teams change their squads a lot over the years, and this directly impacts the quality of the games on court. So keep that in mind when you make your guess. And try to explore the entire universe of betting so that your chances of winning are even greater.

Rankings must be analysed in tennis


When making bets on tennis, you need to take into account the entire scenario of the sport. And one of the essential elements for your bet to have a higher probability of being assertive is to know the ranking of the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP).

By analysing the ranking, you will know which player has the best chances of winning a particular match. And there are also statistics, which should be used, after all, will help in understanding the performance of a particular player throughout each round.

Another important element in tennis betting is to check the injury history of athletes. For, depending on the recent retrospect, a player may have difficulty getting into the rhythm he was previously and succeed with his attempts to score.

Finally, know what ground the match will be played on. Because some athletes are better on specific courts, which directly impacts the player’s probability of coming out as victorious. And this should be taken into consideration when betting on tennis online.

Martial arts bring together good opportunities

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Another sport that should be analysed with attention is martial arts. After all, this modality is very sought after by online bettors and brings together good opportunities for those who want to get out of the traditional. But how do you know which fighter is most likely to win? Our experts have unravelled this mystery.

The first point you should take into consideration when making bets on MMA is to know the fighters who will be part of the dispute. In other words, check the recent record of both athletes and see how they performed in their most current fights to know how they will enter the fight you are betting on.

You should also take into consideration the specializations of each athlete. This means saying that you need knowledge of which modalities the fighter has knowledge of. After all, in case a challenger gathers many black belts in his portfolio, it will possibly be very difficult to beat him. Thus, evaluate the marriage between fighting styles.

Another important element for MMA betting is that you understand how the sport works. Therefore, try to know the ways in which an athlete can be finished, whether by knockout, technical decision, points, withdrawal or other options.

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